Argentina minister apologizes after saying she would choose World Cup victory over reducing inflation


Argentine Labor Minister Kelly Olmos apologized this Monday (14) for saying that she would prioritize, in a television program, her country’s victory in the World Cup to the detriment of controlling inflation.

“I want to apologize, I didn’t mean that we will be standing still for a month watching the Cup without doing anything for inflation. Just that it will mean something emotionally important for Argentines that we win the Cup. We work every day to reduce inflation”, said Olmos.

On Sunday, in an interview with a variety program on Channel 9, the minister was asked what she preferred: winning the Cup or lowering inflation. “Afterwards we continue working with inflation, but first that Argentina wins”, replied Olmos.

“I think you have to work all the time for inflation, but a month won’t make a big difference. And from an emotional point of view, what it means for Argentines, we want Argentina to be champions,” he said.

The Argentine government announced last Friday (11) an agreement with supermarkets and suppliers of mass consumer goods to freeze or regulate the prices of around 1,500 products, in an attempt to contain inflation that is expected to reach 100% this year. .

The center-left Peronist government is battling a slump in popularity and street protests, as spiraling prices undermine consumers’ purchasing power.

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