Find out what to do to cancel the undue loan from Auxílio Brasil

Find out what to do to cancel the undue loan from Auxílio Brasil

Beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil who had the payroll loan released improperly can cancel the credit. Cancellation can also be done by those who requested the consignment, but regretted it, as long as the money has not been used.

Payment of the November installment of the Aid begins to be made this Thursday (17). Earlier this month, when making the query, many citizens complained about undue loan discount on the benefit. There are two situations: early discount from those who applied for the loan and irregular granting.

Paola de Carvalho, director of the Brazilian Basic Income Network, has been following the cases since the November benefit consultation was released by the app. In most of them, the installment discount will be R$ 160.

For her, there are no clear guidelines on what to do. “Families are going back and forth. There is no guidance”, says Paola, who is seeking a collective lawsuit to resolve the problem.

Caixa Econômica Federal informed, last Thursday (10), that it will cancel undue discounts. For this, however, the citizen needs to make the request.

Regarding the November installment, the bank is sending messages to beneficiaries with the following information: “Your loan installment is automatically debited from the first benefit to be received after hiring. contract is the deadline for Caixa to receive the amount from the Ministry of Citizenship.”

What to do to cancel the loan

Beneficiaries who do not recognize the payroll or who no longer want the money have up to seven days to give up the loan, counting from the release of the money. First, you need to identify the financial institution that made the loan.

For this, the citizen must call 121, from the Ministry of Citizenship, and inform the CPF. After receiving the information about which is the loan bank, it is necessary to make contact.

If the contract has been closed with Caixa Econômica Federal, the cancellation is done directly at the branches. It is necessary to bring CPF and a document with photo.

Anyone who is going to give up a loan that has already been taken out cannot have used the money. The full amount must be in the account on the date you cancel.

where to complain

The beneficiary can look for the SAC (Customer Service) of the bank. In the case of Caixa, the telephone numbers are 0800-7260101, 0800-7262492 (for people with hearing or speech impairments) or 0800 -725 7474, from Caixa’s Ombudsman.

It is also possible to complain on the website, from Senacon (National Consumer Secretariat). In it, type the name of the company to be searched and then click on the magnifying glass. On the next screen, go to “register complaint”, above, in blue.

Inform the data, say if you have already contacted the company and send the service protocols. The company must monitor the complaints received through the website on a daily basis and respond to them within ten days. The query to find out how the demand is progressing can be made on the website do

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