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Lula made more than 80 promises for the economy; check the list


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Elected president of Brazil for the third time at the end of October, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said in a speech shortly after the victory that he would immediately begin to assemble a team and raise the current situation in the country to be able to govern from January 2023 .

Without a detailed government program, Lula’s campaign was accused of wanting a blank check to govern.

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Supported in the second round by former opponents, such as Senator Simone Tebet and the president of the PDT, Carlos Lupi, Lula accepted to accept proposals from the allies and, days before the second round, released a document called “Carta para o Brasil do Amanhã” , with 13 priority points—actually a summary of the promises announced throughout the campaign.

In addition to the two texts, as a candidate, the PT also made promises in debates on TV, in its electoral propaganda and in interviews

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With the election over, the main challenge for Lula and his team now will be to make the promises fit in next year’s Budget, which would require obtaining a license from Congress to spend more than the ceiling allows.

Agriculture and environment

Resumption of agrarian reform
Establish buffer stocks and support food production
Strengthening of Conab, with support for small and medium rural producers
Invest heavily in Embrapa
Maintain and invest in the Safra Plan, Pronamp and Pronaf
Support for low carbon and family farming
Reduce interest rates on Plano Safra, Pronamp and Pronaf “for producers committed to environmental and social criteria”
Establish a minimum price policy for food
Achieve Paris Conference carbon gas emission reduction targets
Recovery of land degraded by predatory activities
Reforestation of devastated areas
Conservation of Brazilian biodiversity and ecosystems

Implement Degraded Pasture Recovery Plan – recover 30 million hectares

Foreign trade

Recover active and proud foreign policy and rebuild international South-South cooperation
Strengthen Mercosur, Unasil, Celac and Brics

Communications, technology and innovation

Ensure quality internet throughout the territory and the right to be included in the connectivity environment
Universalize broadband in schools
Stimulus to the creative, solidary and sustainable economy

Public Accounts

Repeal spending cap and reshape the Brazilian tax regime
End the current model of amendments by the rapporteur and propose participatory budgeting via the internet

Credit and debt

End the current model of amendments by the rapporteur and propose participatory budgeting via the internet
Regulation and measures to expand supply and reduce credit costs, with greater competition in the banking system
Public banks as drivers of the economy
Low interest credit for micro and small entrepreneurs
Renegotiate family debts
Policies to promote and strengthen networks and production chains and other cooperative initiatives


Maintenance of the allowance of BRL 600 + BRL 150 per child
Recreate Ministry of Social Equality
Create public policies to promote racial equality and combat racism
Expand social benefits of investments for indigenous, quilombola, gypsy, traditional, vulnerable and marginalized populations
Take Brazil off the hunger map
Rebuild Light for All and cistern program
Moving towards Universal Basic Income

Energy/fuels and mining

New pricing policy at Petrobras – Brazilianize fuel prices and expand production of derivatives
Diversification of the energy matrix, taking advantage of pre-salt
Zero emission of greenhouse gases in the electrical matrix
Improve mining regulation standards and combat illegal mining in the Amazon

State and privatization

Use of state-owned companies for economic development
Closure of inefficient state-owned companies
Do not privatize Petrobras
Reverse privatization of Eletrobras
Do not privatize Correios

Public administration

Recreate Ministry of Fisheries
Recreate Ministry of Planning
Managing the economy “with credibility, responsibility and predictability”


Promote reindustrialization on new technological and environmental bases
Raise the rate of public and private investment and maintain an industrial park in Brazil
Fostering the Health Industrial Complex
Emphasis on software, defense, telecommunications and new technologies industries


Reduce food inflation
Lower the price of diesel and food, medicine and other products

Infrastructure and housing

Resumption of investments in infrastructure and housing
Propose urban reform with investments in public transport, housing, basic sanitation and social facilities
New public investment program in transport, social and urban logistics
Stimulate private investment in Brazil with concessions, credit, partnerships and guarantees
Resuming works stopped by the Bolsonaro government
Create a new PAC (growth acceleration program)
Investment in major public works
Guarantee the right to water and universalize basic sanitation
Resume My Home My Life

Micro and small companies

Attention to micro and small companies, especially startups
Create the “Empreende Brasil” program, with low interest credit.

Pensions, work and income

Change in the Brazilian social security model
Conduct more contests and readjust the salary of federal servants
Propose new labor legislation
Minimum wage readjustment above inflation
Scholarship for those who complete high school
Expand vocational technical education
Ministry of Women with actions in health, work and the fight against violence
Wage parity between men and women
Legislation for work by apps and home office
union restructuring


Combat tax evasion
Do not change the legislation on ICMS ceiling
Tax exemption for those who earn less than R$ 5,000
Maintain tax benefits of the Manaus Free Trade Zone
Tax the super rich
Simplification of taxes
Reduction of consumption taxes
Exemption of products with higher added value
Income Tax Exemption for those who earn up to BRL 5,000 monthly


Resume investments in tourism infrastructure and qualification of workers in the sector
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