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#Hashtag: In Porto Alegre, ‘patriots’, with cell phones on their heads, ask for help from lights that appeared in the sky


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Only the tea revelation that Douglas Adams —author of the literary series of science fiction, humor and bizarre “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”— took over the script for Brazil would explain some recent episodes.

In Porto Alegre, supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro placed cell phones with light signals on their foreheads to ask for “help” from extraterrestrials.

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The plea is for them to intervene in the 2022 presidential elections, in which candidate Lula (PT) beat Bolsonaro (PL) with a difference of 2,148,645 votes.

This isn’t a comedy skit, but it sounds like:

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Unidentified lights in the sky of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul have drawn attention in recent weeks. For experts consulted by Sheetit is likely that these are commonplace celestial phenomena that many people are paying more attention to.

But amid questions that the truth is out there, protesters decided to make their appeal to extraterrestrial forces.

As they say on the networks, Brazilians need to be studied. But the answer could be 42.

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