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Parents take advantage of Black Friday to find discounts on school supplies


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The holidays haven’t even arrived, but there are parents who are already planning their children’s return to school next year. With their pockets in mind, they are taking advantage of the Black Friday offers to save money and guarantee the teaching material.

The school of the son of nurse Fábia de Camargo, 39, advanced the list of materials and she says that she managed to buy all the textbooks with a 25% discount, adding up to a total savings of almost R$ 200.

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“It was the first time I made this type of purchase in advance and I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before. I focused on the books because the backpack is in good condition and we are going to reuse it”, says Camargo, a resident of São Paulo.

Lawyer Giovanna Leão, 39, also put into practice the tip from the school’s mothers’ WhatsApp group. She says she bought the books with a 30% discount.

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“In addition to saving, we are also advancing this task that would be due in January, in the middle of the holidays.”

Economist Ulisses Ruiz de Gamboa, from the Commercial Association of São Paulo, says it’s worth researching prices on the internet before deciding to buy. “There are several applications and websites that help the consumer to compare prices at this time. So, it is interesting to use this technology in our favor.”

He reinforces the idea of ​​researching values ​​for several months, but claims that it is valid to advance the purchase of school supplies if the consumer takes into account that this type of article is out of the seasonal period.

“In principle, it is worth anticipating because in January the demand increases and some item may be missing and the price rise even more.”

The report found items on the list of school supplies with various discounts on websites this Friday afternoon.

At Kalunga, for example, the Faber-Castell EcoLápis 72 color pencil was priced at R$ 114.40 for R$ 91.50 and the Bic Azul ballpoint pen with 50 units was advertised at R$ 47.10 for BRL 37.70.

On Amazon, the children’s school bag Boy Girl Animals was BRL 69 for BRL 54.90 and the colored pencil EcoLápis 12 colors + 6 Neon, Faber-Castell was priced at BRL 31.10 for BRL 23.80.

At Magazine Luiza, the Canine Patrol School Backpack for a Blue Boy: R$ 149.90 for R$ 127.42 and the Collegial Clean Ten Subjects Notebook: R$ 20.09 for R$ 10.20

At, a Hello Kitty Sanrio Original Xeryus children’s school bag cost R$79 for R$49 and Chamex A4 bond paper 500 sheets: R$35.55 for R$31.99.

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