Ciro Possobom takes command of Volkswagen do Brasil no lugar de Pablo Di Si

Ciro Possobom takes command of Volkswagen do Brasil no lugar de Pablo Di Si

Volkswagen will have changes in the command of the company in Brazil and Latin America in 2022. Argentine Pablo Di Si leaves the direction of operations in Brazil to take over as chairman of the board of the company in Latin America. In his place will be the Brazilian Ciro Possobom, who will be responsible for Volkswagen do Brasil.

In a statement, the automaker informs that, with the change, Di Si leaves the post of president and executive director of Volkswagen operations in Latin America. In Brazil, Podebom becomes operations director, also accumulating the current role of vice president of finance and IT strategies for Volkswagen in the South America region.

Di Si will assume the role of chairman of the company’s board of directors in a region that covers operations in 29 countries in South and Central America, including Brazil and Argentina.

The automaker says it has led a transformation in the company’s business in the region with “the expected return of positive results in fiscal year 2021.” Over the past four years, Novo Polo, Virtus, T‑Cross, Nivus and Taos, among other vehicles, have been launched.

“Pablo was responsible for restructuring the organization with a focus on an intense cultural transformation, creating new business models, accelerating digitization and improving customer satisfaction. In his tenure, Volkswagen became the leader in the compact SUV segment in Brazil and the brand maintained its position as the largest producer and exporter of light vehicles in the country”, says the automaker.

Ralf Brandstätter, president of Volkswagen, highlighted the changes and the performance of the two professionals in the region. “Pablo Di Si is the chief architect of our incredible turnaround story in Latin America. With his strong business acumen, long-term vision and deep knowledge of this region, he has been instrumental in preparing us for success,” he said.

“With Ciro Possobom taking over Brazil, we will continue to make our business more resilient. With his solid experience in finance, he will ensure that our recent achievements are sustainable,” said Brandstätte.

Póvobom holds a degree in business administration from Universidade Federal do Paraná and an MBA in finance from IBMEC. In his professional trajectory, he has a 21-year history of working in the financial area of ​​the Renault-Nissan Alliance, where he held various positions in countries such as Japan, France and Brazil.

Argentinean Di Si, a former soccer player, was the first South American to take over Volkswagen operations as executive director. He started his career in the group in 2014 and became director of the company in Latin America in October 2017.

Graduated from Harvard Business School (AMP 2011), he has an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird, School of Management (2002). Previously, he held key positions in finance and business development at FCA (Fiat Chrysler Group) in the United States and Brazil, where he lived for 11 years in the cities of São Paulo (SP), Curitiba (PR) and Belo Horizonte ( MG).

Di Si had recently announced investments of R$7 billion in the Latin America region over the next five years to reinforce the automaker’s position in sustainable mobility.


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