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Holiday Baskets Premiere Today – What They’ll Include


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“Premiere” today, Wednesday 14 December, for the “Christmas basket” in supermarkets and for the “Santa’s sack” in toy stores.

“Premiere” today, Wednesday 14 December, for the “Christmas basket” in supermarkets and for the “Santa’s sack” in toy stores.

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The “Christmas basket” which will last until January 4 is an expanded, in terms of categories, “household basket” as turkey and beef have been added, as well as sweets: king pie or bun and chocolate.

The “Santa’s bag” refers to the purchase of children’s toys that is applied exclusively for the holiday season, from December 14th to January 11th.

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Created in collaboration with the Association of Greek Craftsmen of Children’s Toys and Carriages, it is mandatory for businesses in the sector with an annual turnover of more than one million euros, while smaller shops participate voluntarily.

From the 10 categories established by the Ministry of Development, businesses should include at least one product in their lists and make it available at an affordable price, especially compared to other products in the same category.

The products will carry on the sales shelf the special mark that has been created so that consumers know them, while the relevant list of prices will be posted on the e-consumer as is done in the corresponding “household basket”.

A clear list of the products that make up the “basket” will be in a prominent place at the entrance of the store and will indicate the prices at which the products are offered.

In detail, the categories are:

* Board / Puzzle

* Doll toys, dollhouses and other accessories (imitation toys)

* Baby toys

* Action figures

* Construction and building games (eg brick games)

* Vehicles – RC

* Electronic games

* Sports toys (eg balls, children’s basketballs and goals)

* Soft toy

* Music games.

“The following game chains have already signed up and will participate in the Santa’s Basket that starts today:

Max Stores


perfect toys

koumis toys

toy city


comfuzio. 600-700 codes!”

This is what the Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis says in a post on social media, announcing the following: “7th week of implementation of the “Basket” and the reductions continue: Out of the 850 products, only 48 (6%), 129 ( 15%) decreased and the remaining 673 (79%) remained the same! Tomorrow at 09:30 in an extraordinary Press Conference we present all the details in detail”.

It is noted that as of this evening, a total of 15 toy chains participating in the initiative and the products included in the “Santa’s basket” with their prices were posted on the e-katanalotis website.


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