Panel SA: Deputy wants delivery apps to provide helmets to motorcyclists


A project was filed in the Chamber of Deputies that may oblige delivery apps to provide helmets to motorcyclists operating on platforms.

Deputy José Nelto (PP-GO), author of the project, says that the supply of protective equipment is established by the CLT. In the case of couriers, although there is no formal employment relationship with the companies, he says that irregular shifts and meeting demand from companies would constitute an employment relationship.

The legal battle is under discussion at the TST (Superior Labor Court), with no judgment scheduled yet.

The MID (Digital Innovation Movement), which represents more than 150 digital platforms such as Rappi, Lalamove, Loggi and Zé Delivery, states that it is important to implement security measures, but defends the application of filters in the project to serve motorcyclists who are working in the streets.

“We emphasize that couriers can carry out services through more than one platform at the same time. In addition, currently, thousands of partner couriers are registered, however, they do not carry out deliveries by application, that is, they register without actually activating in the platform”, says the MID.

iFood said it was not contacted to discuss the project and will await the manifestation of the Chamber of Deputies.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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