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Ministry of Labour: The new rules and digital tools for DYPA benefits are in force


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The income criteria for the payment of benefits of the Public Employment Service (DYPA), as well as the new digital tools to support the unemployed, came into force

The income criteria for the payment of benefits of the Public Employment Service (PYPA), as well as the new digital tools to support the unemployed, came into force, as the process of transferring the existing unemployment registers, kept by the PYPA, to the new PYPA Digital Register was completed of article 18 of Law 4921/2022. The relevant ministerial decision was published in the Government Gazette on Thursday 29/12/2022 (Government Gazette B’ 6867).

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With the new system, as the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs states in its announcement, the framework for awarding benefits becomes more transparent and efficient, as it ensures that resources will be made available to those registered in the Register who are in real need, while facilitating search and finding work.

In particular, with the publication of the decision, the provisions that provide for:

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1. Establishment of new digital tools to serve citizenswhere is:

A) The new DYPA Digital Register, which unifies and digitizes all the procedures for joining the register and facilitates both the management of the accounts kept by jobseekers at DYPA and the processing of their data by DYPA. According to the Ministry of Labour, the operation of the digital register is the first step, so that a different, more personalized and user-friendly digital service experience with DYPA will gradually follow.

B) The new Digital Individual Action Plan (IDA), which now requires the consent of the job seeker and the job counselor to determine the actions and their schedule regarding finding a suitable job for them. The Individual Action Plan includes, among other things, the personal characteristics, professional profile and professional goals, as well as the actions the job seeker must take to find a job.

C) The new DYPA Digital Card, which marks the abolition of the printed form of the unemployment card and the creation of a new digital card available from the Wallet application, which will be interconnected and updated daily by the Digital Register, so that that there is clarity about who is entitled to which benefits. Through the Wallet verification mechanism, it will be easy to see what kind of benefits, allowances, aids or facilities the holder of the new Digital Unemployment Card will be entitled to. The new DYPA Digital Unemployment Card will be available from next Monday through the Wallet application.

2. It is also foreseen to establish income criteria for most benefitsbenefits, aids or facilities of the DYPA, (such as the special aid, after the end of the regular unemployment subsidy, the aid, after a three-month stay in the Unemployment Register, the programs of social tourism, shows, book purchases, free entry to archaeological sites /museums, etc.) for the long-term unemployed (12+ months of registered unemployment), with the exception of course of unemployment benefits, as well as the special seasonal aid.

The income criteria that will be applied are those that apply to the heating allowance, which are currently the following:

– Family income up to 16,000 euros for singles, widowed, separated.

– Family income up to 24,000 euros for married couples or parties to a cohabitation agreement, increased by 3,000 euros for each child.

– Family income up to 27,000 euros for single parents, plus an additional 3,000 euros for each child after the first.

3. Activation of a system of mutual obligations of jobseekers and DYPA, which creates specific behavioral rights and obligations or even consequences, which may even lead to the deletion of the job seeker from the new DYPA Digital Register. Specifically, deletion from the Digital Register is foreseen for two years in cases where the registrant refuses three suitable jobs, (corresponding to qualifications, skills, place of residence, etc.) and for six months in case of refusal to participate in an action training.

4. Establishment of the work allowance for the subsidized unemployed who find a job, before the end of their subsidy period. In particular, for the first time, a work allowance is established for the subsidized unemployed who find work, which is equal to 50% of the unemployment allowance and is paid for as long as it remains until it expires. The work allowance is expected to act as a strong incentive and reward for faster reintegration into the labor market.

5. Award of a one-off financial aid, up to 300 euros, as a measure to activate the long-term unemployed who remain registered in the unemployment register of DYPA for more than five years, with the aim of creating an updated Digital Individual Action Plan, based on which they will be able to direct themselves directly to actions to develop their employability (e.g. vocational training) or to find work.

As the Ministry of Labor points out, DYPA, from 1/1/2023, is entering a new era, with the aim of faster, better quality and more efficient service to jobseekers, the further reduction of registered unemployment and the increase of employment, through tools , benefits and programs, which aim to activate the unemployed and to (re)promote them in the labor market as quickly as possible.

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