Panel SA: Chairs vacated by Lula’s ministers free up space for unionists in the Chamber


After the failure of important union leaders at the polls in October, who did not elect names like Antonio Neto (PDT), Paulinho da Força (Solidariedade) and Vicentinho (PT), the union movement counts new victories in the extension.

The defeats called the attention of businessmen attentive to the discussion of changes in the labor reform, but the scene will change a little. With the inauguration of Lula’s new ministers, trade unionists who were not able to be elected and were substitutes will occupy the vacancies of re-elected deputies of the federation formed between PT, PV and PC do B who were called to head the ministries.

After the departure of Alexandre Padilha, Paulo Teixeira and Luiz Marinho to their respective folders, two of the three new vacancies will be occupied by unionists.

In the rearrangement, the new occupants of the Chamber chairs will be Alfredinho (PT-SP), former councilor of São Paulo who started in the metallurgist union in the 1980s and was one of the founders of CUT (Central Única dos Trabalhadores) and PT, and Vicentinho (PT-SP), former national president of CUT.

The third replacement is Orlando Silva (PC do B-SP), former councilor of São Paulo and former Minister of Sports.

Joana Cunha with Paul Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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