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DYPA: The submission of applications for the “Go Forward” program is extended until 10/1 – Up to 400 euros subsidy


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The amount of the subsidy for the beneficiaries is 5 euros per hour

Until Tuesday, January 10, 2023, at 23:59, training providers (KEDiVIM of HEIs and licensed KDBM) can now apply to participate in the skills upgrading program of 150,000 workers “Go Forward”.

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In the context of this action, implemented by the Public Employment Service (PYPA), subsidized training, lasting 80 hours, is offered to 150,000 private sector workers, which leads to the acquisition of digital and “green” knowledge and skills and a corresponding certification, through independent certification bodies.

As DYPA states in its announcement, the aim of the action is for workers to adapt to the requirements of modern trends in the workplace, to upgrade their perspectives and, consequently, to contribute to the modernization of the Greek economy.

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The program is funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

The amount of the subsidy for the beneficiaries is 5 euros per hour, i.e. in total it can reach 400 euros.

It is recalled that, within the framework of the same program, a corresponding register is being set up for the certification providers, with a closing date for submitting applications, also on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, at 23:59.

Interested employees of the private sector can submit an application to participate in the program, through the website, by clicking on the link “Register in the Register of Beneficiary Employees for training”.

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