Extremist protesters block highways in four states


Coup-mongering demonstrators again blocked highways this Sunday (8) hours after a new escalation of anti-democratic acts in Brasilia that resulted in the depredation of the National Congress, Planalto Palace and STF (Federal Supreme Court).

At least four states have federal or state highways blocked by protesters. The state of Mato Grosso was the hardest hit by the coup protests, with blockades in at least five points of highways throughout Sunday.

According to the concessionaire Rota do Oeste, responsible for managing highways in the state, three points were still blocked around 10:30 pm on Sunday.

Coup-mongering demonstrators burned tires and blocked stretches of the BR-163 near the municipalities of Lucas do Rio Verde, Sorriso and Sinop. The three cities are among the main agribusiness hubs in the country.

Earlier, two other stretches of the same highway were blocked by demonstrators, but have since been released.

The superintendent of the Federal Highway Police in Mato Grosso, Francisco Élcio Lucena, informed that 100% of the force was summoned and that it will act to release the interdicted stretches and avoid new road blocks.

“We will do everything necessary, within the legality, to guarantee people’s right to come and go. In a few hours we will have control over the federal highways in our state,” he said.

In a note, the concessionaire Rota do Oeste reported that it continues to monitor the demonstrations, without interference, and that it maintains its focus on road safety.

In the state of São Paulo, there were roadblocks on the Anhanguera highway, in both directions near the municipality of Limeira. The CCR Autoban dealership recommends that drivers use the Bandeirantes highway.

In Paraná, there are two roadblocks caused by protesters on the BR-277 highway, near the municipalities of Medianeira and São Miguel do Iguaçu. In Santa Catarina, a stretch of highway 101 near the municipality of Itajaí (102 km from Florianópolis) was blocked,

The Federal Highway Police was approached this Sunday night to comment on the blockages, but has not yet commented on the matter.

The acts of violence took place a week after the inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) as President of the Republic. Supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) refuse to accept the result of the elections, in which Lula was crowned winner.

The protesters were inflamed by Bolsonaro’s anti-democratic speeches, which frequently attacked the electronic voting system and insinuated that he could take some action against democracy. Bolsonaro left the country days before his inauguration and is in the United States.

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