Alexandroupolis Power Plant: Upgrading Greece’s role in energy diplomacy


Alexandroupoli is turning into an international energy hub

The new Alexandroupoli Power Plant was described by the regional governor of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Christos Metios, the mayor of the city Yannis Zaboukis and the representatives of the three energy groups that cooperate in the unit, at today’s launch event for the implementation of the investment.

Ch.Metios: The power plant upgrades the geopolitical role of PAMTH

The further upgrading of the geopolitical role of Alexandroupolis and the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace was underlined by the regional governor Christos Metios in his greeting. As he stated, this project in conjunction with other infrastructure projects in the energy and transport sectors of the Region, such as the Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), the TAP and IGB pipelines, the upgrading and development of the two large ports and airports in Alexandroupoli and Kavala, their connection with Egnatia, geopolitically upgrade the region.

G. Zamboukis: Alexandroupolis wins the bet of the new era

The start of operation of the power plant proves, according to the mayor of Alexandroupolis, that “our place with all its comparative advantages wins the bet of the new era […]” and can play a leading role in the developments, as it acquires a dominant role in the transition to green energy. He also emphasized that the new investment strengthens the local economy by creating, during its construction, more than 800 new jobs and more than 100 permanent jobs for the next 25 years.”

G. Stassis: Another step towards the energy transformation of the country and PPC

“Today is for PPC another step towards energy transformation, both for the company itself and for the country,” said the president and CEO of PPC, Giorgos Stassis. The goal of the “creative partnership” of the three major energy groups PPC, DEPA Emporias and the Kopelouzos Group is to contribute to the strengthening of the country’s role “as a strong and why not export productive player in the wider region of Southeast Europe”.

I. Papadopoulos: Priority, the upgrading of Greece in energy diplomacy

The president of DEPA Emporia, Ioannis Papadopoulos, described today as an important milestone, both for the three major energy groups and for Alexandroupoli, Greece and Southeast Europe. “[…]Greece gets another critical project that will contribute to uninterrupted supply with more economical energy. Alexandroupolis is turning into an energy crossroads of electricity and natural gas networks with the potential to supply the domestic market as well as neighboring countries […] who seek their independence from Russian natural gas”.

K. Xifaras: The price of natural gas will return to historically low levels

Correct and timely planning on the part of energy companies is a prerequisite for the rapid response demonstrated by the energy sector to the developments dictated by the energy crisis, underlined the managing director of DEPA Emporia, Kostas Xifaras. Focusing on the advantages of natural gas, he noted that “despite its recent demonization due to its increased price, it does not cease to be a valuable fuel that will have a balancing role for the next two decades.” He estimated that its price will gradually return to historic lows within the next two years.

Chr. Kopelouzos: A new chapter in the energy affairs of the country

In his greeting, the managing director of the Kopelouzos Group, Christos Kopelouzos, stated that today’s event marks a new chapter in the country’s energy affairs. “Our Group always envisions and implements major projects that support the national economy and highlight the comparative advantages of Greece […]. Infrastructures that meet today’s needs while at the same time planning a more sustainable future for generations to come. Investments that ease the way to transition to clean energy, both in our country and in the neighboring Balkan states and Southeast Europe, defining a new field of possibilities for all of us […]. Greece is shielding itself by gaining energy sufficiency and at the same time a new energy pillar is being created for Southeast Europe.”


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