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Panel SA: Supporters and opponents of Josué remain undefined in the Fiesp fight


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More than a week after the assembly that tried to overthrow Josué Gomes from the presidency of Fiesp, it is still not clear who is the leader of the opposition or who are the 47 unions of the base of the entity that would have voted for the dismissal of the businessman on Monday (16 ). Nor is it known exactly which unions support him.

There is no forecast for the disclosure of the minutes.

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On Friday (20th), after an email was sent via Fiesp’s email address informing that an interim had taken over in his place, Josué disclosed, through Fiesp’s press office, an extrajudicial notification with the names of people who would be among his opponents. They are: Paulo Henrique Schoueri (president of Sietex), André Sturm (union of the audiovisual industry), directors Carlos Cavalcanti, Ronaldo Koloszuk Rodrigues, Elias Miguel Haddad, José Valdissera (Sindinstalação) and Luciana Freire, legal director of Fiesp.

To Panel SA, Valdissera, Sturm and Cavalcanti say they were not notified. The others didn’t respond. Fiesp’s advisory does not say whether it actually notified them or whether it was only disclosed to the press.

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Panel SA heard from other unions on the matter. Seven publicly manifest themselves in favor of Josué: Sindusfarma (which brings together the pharmaceutical industry), Sindiplast (plastics), Sindibrinquedos (toy industry), Sindipeças (components for motor vehicles), Sindimaq (machine industry), Sinaees (industry of electronic and similar electrical appliances) and Snic (cement industry)

The column also came into contact with Sinduscon (civil construction), Sinacouro (leather goods industry), Sindileite (dairy products and derivatives), Sinafer (iron goods), Sicongel (fertilizer industry), Siaesp (audiovisual industry), Sinfavea (vehicles), Sinaesp (abrasives industry union) and Siamfesp (non-ferrous metal artifacts), which did not take a position.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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