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BC revises the 2022 exchange rate after identifying an error in the historical series and the data is negative


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After identifying an error in the historical series of the exchange flow, the Central Bank revised this Thursday (26) the result of this account in 2022, which went from a net inflow of US$ 9.574 billion to an outflow of US$ 3.233 billion.

“Due to a failure in the compilation routine, not all exchange rate codes that came into force in October 2021 were included in the process of calculating the contracted exchange rate statistics”, informed the municipality.

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The error, according to the agency, occurred in foreign exchange contracts for imports, which rose from US$ 238.1 billion to US$ 250.2 billion, a difference of US$ 12.8 billion after the revision. As a result, the net balance of foreign exchange contracted in the year was reduced in the same proportion.

The BC also informed that it will adapt the exchange flow disclosures. From now on, the result for the last day of each month will be reported in the third week of the following month.

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Partial data from the exchange market will continue to be released every Wednesday, but the numbers will be delayed since the new exchange law allowed operations below US$ 50,000 to be communicated only on the 5th of the following month. These operations represent approximately 3% of the total amount operated.

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