Average price of gasoline at stations remains stable despite readjustment, says ANP


The weekly survey of fuel prices by the ANP (National Agency of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels) has not yet detected transfers of the 7.4% readjustment promoted by Petrobras in its refineries on Wednesday (25), the first increase after taking office by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

According to the weekly survey by the ANP, the product was sold for an average price of R$ 4.97 per liter last week, practically the same level seen in the previous week.

The research, however, concentrates the search on service stations in the first days of the week, which may explain the perception that there was no transfer. Station owners consulted by Sheet stated that the transfers were immediate.

The increase was given before the nomination of Lula’s nominee for the presidency of Petrobras, Jean Paul Prates, which took place on Thursday (26). It was criticized by unions as a measure to please shareholders before the change of management.

Prates has already announced that he intends to review the company’s pricing policy, on the grounds that most of the fuel consumed in the country is produced in Brazilian refineries. This Friday (26), he was charged by unions to speed up the change.

The current policy uses the concept of import parity, which simulates how much it would cost to bring products from abroad. On Tuesday (24), Petrobras said that the readjustment accompanied the evolution of international oil prices.

In fact, at the opening of the market that day, the average price of gasoline in the country’s refineries was 14%, or R$ 0.49 per liter, above the import parity, according to Abicom (Associação Brasileira dos Importadores de Combustíveis ).

At the opening of this Friday (27), it was practically balanced, with a lag of only 2%, or R$ 0.08 per liter. In the case of diesel, the difference was 3%, or R$ 0.12 per liter.

At the pumps, according to the ANP, the average price of diesel S-10 fell 0.7% last week, to R$ 6.38 per liter. Petrobras has not changed the value of the sale of the product by its refineries since the beginning of December.

Already the price of ethanol fell 1.8%, to R$ 3.78 per liter. It is the lowest value since the second week of November 2022, considering the inflation of the period.

The average price of a 13-kilogram gas cylinder remained stable at R$ 108.02.

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