Kikilias: Air connection of 4 new Greek destinations with Belgrade


Which cities will have regular flights with Belgrade?

The Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias held a meeting this morning with a delegation of the Serbia-Greece Friendship Group of the Parliament of Serbia and the Ambassador of Serbia Dusan Spasojevic, as emphasized in a related announcement.

The Greek Parliament was represented by the president of the respective Friendship Group of the two countries and Member of Parliament for Magnesia of the ND Christos Boukoros.

The meeting took place in a particularly warm atmosphere and the discussion was constructive and aimed at further promoting bilateral cooperation in tourism matters.

From the Serbian side it was announced that airline AirSerbia from next April will operate regular flights to 4 new Greek destinations: 3 flights/week to Heraklion (from June 4 flights as another one will be added), 3 flights/week to Chania, 2 flights/week to Corfu and 2 flights/week to Rhodes.

The two sides agreed on the importance of speeding up the procedures for settling operational issues of the EOT Office in Belgrade with a corresponding regulation regarding the operation of the Serbian Tourism Office in Athens.

The Serbian side underlined the financial burden faced by Serbian travelers when they visit Greece, due to roaming, which results – as the Serbian delegation estimates – in the annual loss of 300,000-400,000 tourists from Serbia to Greece.

Finally, the importance of the systematic promotion of winter tourism in both countries was emphasized.

The Serbian delegation and Ambassador Mr. Spasojevic conveyed to Mr. Kikilia an invitation from the Ministry of Tourism of Serbia for the Greek Minister to visit Belgrade, in order to have contacts with government officials and to participate in the Belgrade International Exhibition that will be held by March 23 to 26.

It is worth pointing out that this year the International Exhibition will have Crete as an honored travel destination.

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