The “secrets” to get glowing and clear skin


With the right steps and the right technique we can help our skin look better than ever

Do we agree that washing the face is a boring but necessary task in our skin care routine?

We apply our favorite cleanser to our face, rinse and sleep with the hope of smooth, glowing skin. In the end, it turns out it’s not that simple. For example, even the temperature of the water could damage our skin. The right steps and the right technique can help our skin look better than ever.

Below are some cleaning tips for brighter and clearer skin.

  • Remove make-up before cleansing

Before you clean, make sure to get rid of the persistent makeup of the day. Use alcohol-free wipes to avoid dehydration and irritation, and follow up with a few drops of toner to effectively remove makeup. Then follow the usual cleaning steps.

  • Learn when to double cleanse

Double cleansing is a technique that does exactly what it says: you wash your face twice. It’s the backbone of the Korean beauty routine and can be done with either an oil cleanser followed by a mild cleanser, or a gentle cleanser and an exfoliator or foaming cleanser. The benefit of using oil-based cleansers is that they’re great at dissolving makeup, so a two-step process for cleansing your face can be ideal if you’re wearing foundation or heavier makeup.

  • Temperature matters

Stay in cold to lukewarm water to protect your skin. Hot water strips away natural oils and can leave skin dry and dehydrated. Too hot water can also lead to acne breakouts, breakouts and skin irritation. Prefer warm or cold.

  • Measure your time

If you have been washing your skin for a few minutes, stop this bad habit as soon as possible. You shouldn’t wash your face for more than 30 seconds – a minute at most, so don’t overdo it.

  • Dab and don’t rub your skin

Use a soft cotton cloth or towel and remember to pat dry.

  • Don’t overdo the exfoliation

Don’t exfoliate daily. Normal to dry skin types in particular need to exfoliate two to three times a week to get rid of dead cells and impurities.

  • Do not wash your face more than twice a day

Although the number of times you should wash your face daily depends on your skin type, avoid cleansing more than twice a day to prevent dehydration. For those with dry or sensitive skin, washing once a day in the evening is likely to be sufficient, while for oily skin, washing twice a day is ideal.

  • Moisturize after washing your face

Don’t skip moisturizing your skin with a moisturizing cream, morning and night. Even if you use a gentle cleanser, in the morning you need an SPF moisturizer and at night use a heavier moisturizer.

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