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Stock Market: Gains for 7th Consecutive Week – Closes Up 1.77%


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The goal is to exceed 1,035 points, levels at which the General Index was at the session of December 8, 2014

With a rise of 1.77% closed the stock market the week ending with the market moving to new year highs above the 1,030 level.

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The aim is to exceed 1,035 units, levels at which the General Index was at the meeting of December 8, 2014, to follow a large market retreat due to the political developments at the time with the inability to elect a General Assembly leading the country to early elections, in January 2015.

The market has completed seven straight up weeks, during which the main stock index has recorded a total gain of 13.33%.

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According to Alpha Finance the stock market is likely at the beginning of a bullish cycle, with enhanced investor interest leading to higher valuations, in light of significant investments in the country and other factors, which will maintain momentum in the medium to long term.

In an improved macroeconomic environment, both the increase in funds to be invested by the EU (Recovery and Resilience Fund funds) and the dynamics of direct investments, predispose to a significant inflow of funds to A.H.

At the same time, the achievement of investment grade, probably within the second half of 2023, strengthens the conditions for maintaining the growth rate of investment activity, while it will also lead to lower financing costs.

According to Alpha Finance, current valuations highlight the significant discount at which the domestic market trades compared to foreign ones, while the expected resumption of dividend payments is expected to be an additional factor boosting investment interest.

O General Price Index closed the week at 1,033.44 points, compared to 1,015.48 points the previous week, marking a weekly gain of 1.77%, while since the beginning of 2023 it has recorded gains of 11.15%.

The FTSE/ASE 25 large-cap index ended the week up 2.26%, YTD showing gains of 11.67%, while the FTSE MID CAP ended the week up 1.41% and YTD of 2023 increases to 11.45%.

The banking index closed the week with an increase of 5.79%, while since the beginning of the year it has gained 23.94%.

The total value of transactions in this week’s sessions amounted to €613.840 million, while the average value of transactions was €122.768 million, up from €90.848 million the previous week.

The total market capitalization this week increased by 1.031 billion euros and reached 71.739 billion euros, while since the beginning of the year it has increased by 5.877 billion euros.


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