Panel SA: Labor Justice removes Sesc coordinators accused of moral harassment


The São Paulo Labor Court determined this week the temporary removal of two Sesc coordinators and a supervisor. They are accused of moral harassment against employees of the institution.

The request was made by the MPT (Ministério Público do Trabalho) in a public civil action. It reported complaints made by employees of the administrative sector of the Sesc unit in Guarulhos (SP) throughout 2021 and 2022.

According to the workers, shouting, offenses, cursing, humiliation and threats made by the bosses were constant, and the management of the unit was aware of the cases, but did not respond to the complaints.

The MPT had already been monitoring the denouncements made by Sesc employees. Last year, one of them pointed out that workers in the sector lived in “a world of fear, guilt and shame, where the employee has to deserve to feel bad and that it is not enough for the person to apologize, he has to feel truly ashamed, in the face of of others”.

In March last year, in response to the MPT, Sesc stated that the complaints did not constitute a case of moral harassment and issued a written warning to one of the coordinators removed this week.

Months later, the unit’s command also refused to enter into a TAC (Conduct Adjustment Term), in which it would undertake to curb the practice of moral harassment among employees and service providers. Sesc’s response, made in November, only indicated that an internal disciplinary procedure would be opened, with a 90-day investigation period.

“The documents that instruct the initial petition are sufficient to demonstrate the probability of the right, that is, conduct and practices of moral harassment allegedly committed by the coordinators […] and by the supervisor […] and the defendant’s failure to assume a formal commitment to abstain from the practice/permission of moral harassment in the work environment demonstrate the danger of damage or the risk of a useful result of the process”, said substitute labor judge Vanessa Anitablian Baltazar. officials were omitted at the request of Justice.

In a statement, the management of the Guarulhos unit said that “Sesc’s lawyers are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.”

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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