Debts to tax and insurance funds: New arrangement for those who lost the old arrangements is brought by the government


At the beginning of March, along with the new support package for households and businesses, the announcements

By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

According to information, the government is preparing an arrangement that will allow the revival of debt arrangements for those who lost them due to the pandemic and from there, that is, for the last two years.

The revival will concern debts both to the tax office and to the insurance funds and is expected to be included in the new support package for households and businesses that the government is formulating and is expected to announce at the beginning of March. The ….rejuvenation of regulation the information says it will be accompanied by a penalty that can either be an increased interest rate – which is more … easier for the person concerned – or take the form of a one-time repayment of the installments that have been lost, which in reality is much more difficult let someone bear it. They have not reached the Ministry of Finance yet.

What they have come to is under the current conditions, the permanent arrangement, even if strengthened to up to 24 doses or up to 48 for emergency cases, is not sufficient. Let alone the extrajudicial mechanisms, which has been increasing speed in recent months, but is aimed at debtors with debts of more than €10,000.

So the revival of the old regulations (120 installments or 72 installments) for those who missed them is the best solution since the possibility of a new global arrangement for the pandemic debts seems to be “stuck” in the corridors of the community offices.

His details EFKA are even clearer. According to the Insurance Debt Collection Center and until September 30, 2022 (the most recent data available):

– 762,000 had joined the permanent arrangement, but 369,000 could not keep it, that is almost 1/2 insured
– In the setting of 120 doses, 600,000 entered, but 267,000 could not be seen as consistent, very close to 50% here, specifically 45%.
– The 72 installments designed exclusively for the pandemic debts included 62,000 insured persons. About 15,000 quit in disgrace, about 1/4.

119,000 preferred the 100 doses but 73,000 of them could not keep it. This is the setting with the highest failure rate, over 60%.

Even with the out-of-court mechanism, it was observed that while approximately 4,500 managed to settle, 1,300 soon found themselves out.

As for the debts to the tax authorities, the available figures of AADE say that in 2020 €5.7 billion of unpaid taxes were added to its books and another as much (€5.8 billion to be precise) in 2021. To these must be added 6, €7bn in the first 11 months of 2022. This means that from around the start of the pandemic to the end of last year, €18.2bn of unpaid taxes remained.

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