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The amendment for the “blockade” in Kasidiaris’ party is in the final stretch: Today in the committee, tomorrow in the Plenary


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Reactions from the opposition parties – 151 votes are enough for its approval

By Penelope Galliou

With the aim of reaching a broad cross-party consensus until the last moment, the government’s amendment that will “block”, erecting a democratic embankment, the possible entry of the party of Ilias Kasidiaris, is being introduced today to the relevant committee of the Parliament – after yesterday’s postponement due to weather in Parliament.

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The “block”, not only in Kasidiari party but also in any possible formation that will seek to enter the Parliament, it is basically achieved by excluding the leadership of a party from the electoral process when it is carried out by persons who have been convicted – even by first instance – of directing or participating in a criminal organization. While of great importance is the fact that the regulation in question will apply directly from the upcoming elections.

Already and many times the Maximos Palace has declared its openness to changes that may be proposed by the other parties, provided that the substance and goal of the regulation does not change. An attitude which has to do with the message of defense of the Republic that the Parliament will send out, which – according to the government side – will be more resonant when it is formulated by an enlarged parliamentary majority. However, in any case, it is a fact that only the governmental majority is sufficient to pass the regulation in question as procedurally, an increased majority is not required during the voting, but 151 votes are sufficient.

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So far, except for SW the amendment is also expected to be supported by PASOK, while SYRIZA, KKE and MeRA25 each party is expected to vote against the government’s proposal with different reasoning and the Greek Solution is keeping its cards closed for the time being.

In particular, although SYRIZA agrees in principle with the exclusion of convicted gold diggers from Parliament, it differs both in the reasoning and in the wording regarding safeguards in order to avoid generalizations in the future and with her own proposal Koumoundourou believes that it will be dealt with more safely the treatment of neo-Nazis. In other words, he believes that the ND proposal risks excluding other parties from the Parliament in the future and for this reason he wants a clear reference to the anti-racist law and the Nazi ideology.

He speaks of dangerous generalizations in his argumentation against the regulation of the government and the KKE, arguing, among other things, that “with the general reference to convictions and offences-, under which the unacceptable theory of the two extremes can easily be “sheltered”, which, in the name of totalitarianism, equates fascism with radical and communist ideology and action”. However, Perissos also takes a negative view of the regulation proposed by SYRIZA, stressing that it also opens dangerous roads as it “invokes the unacceptable “terrorist” and the relevant institutional framework, based on which in a number of EU countries communist parties, youth, symbols. It turns out that fascism and its various offshoots are not faced with such dangerous provisions, when in fact those who propose them show in many cases tolerance towards the actions of such groups”.

“It is not possible to mutilate democracy in order to allegedly save it, from those who want to mutilate it, because this is a victory for Kasidiaris from your own hands” MeRA 25 said in a statement, while the Hellenic Solution is expected to clarify its position during today’s meeting of the parliamentary committee which is expected to discuss the amendment in question, before it is introduced and voted on Wednesday by the Plenary of the Parliament.

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