WhatsApp looks more like Instagram in a new update; see news


A new WhatsApp update, announced this Tuesday (7), makes statuses even more similar to Instagram stories.

The resource allows the sharing of images and videos on a wall open to contacts. Like its sister social network, posts disappear after 24 hours.

In the update, the user will be able to control who can see the statuses, react with emojis and share voice messages.

With the exclusive audience selector, the app gains privacy enhancement by allowing the user to decide who can view their status. The most recent selection will be saved and used as the default for the next post.

You can choose from three audience options: “My contacts”, “My contacts except…”, and “Share only with…”. In the last two options, the user decides for which contacts the statuses will be released or hidden.

The new update also allows the user to record and post audio of up to 30 seconds and react to other statuses with up to eight emojis.

Also, contacts who have any status updates will display a green circle around their profile picture, analogous to Instagram.

This circle will be visible in the list of conversations (the main page of the app), group members and contact information.

Another feature that will be available on WhatsApp is previewing links in statuses. When the user posts a link, a visual preview will automatically be displayed. According to the company, this gives contacts a clearer idea about the content of the link before they click.

The update will roll out gradually starting this Tuesday and should reach all users in the coming weeks.

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