Year starts with 5% increase in vehicle production


The year for the automotive industry begins with 152,700 light and heavy vehicles produced, according to Anfavea (association of automakers). There was a 5% increase compared to January 2022, but a 20.3% drop compared to December.

Large fluctuations at the turn of the year are the sector’s standard, due to collective vacations and acceleration in sales registered at the time of payment of the 13th salary. Even so, 2023 starts with better results, a year after one of the most critical periods in the supply of components.

Last week, Fenabrave (association of vehicle dealers) released sales results. 142,800 units were registered, a number that includes passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks. There was an increase of 12.7% in the annual comparison, but a decrease of 34.1% in relation to December.

José Maurício Andreta Júnior, president of the entity, recalled that, in January 2022, the sector recorded the worst result for the month since 2017.

“Utilities’ stocks were low, due to the global supply crisis, in addition to having been a period in which the omicron variant of Covid-19 caused great concern in the population”, said the executive.

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