Marisa’s new president is investigated for using privileged information


Alberto Kohn de Penhas, Marisa’s commercial vice-president, who has just taken over the retailer on an interim basis, is being investigated by the CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission) for using privileged information – a practice known as ‘insider trading’. The change in command of the company was made after the resignation of President Adalberto Pereira Santos, announced on Tuesday night (7),

According to a process filed in April last year at the CVM, Kohn acquired, on October 29, 2021, 160,000 shares of Marisa, worth BRL 661,200. According to the autarchy, Kohn was “in possession of relevant information consistent with the content of the company’s results for the 3rd quarter of 2021, released by Marisa Lojas on November 8, 2021, using the information to obtain an advantage through the purchase of securities .”

The CVM considers the case as “primary insider trading”, that is, those who commit the crime are those who had direct access to privileged information. Kohn has already been heard by the CVM, which extended the process.

The interim president of the retailer was contacted by Sheetbut did not respond to the report until the publication of this text.

Kohn was cited on December 8 of last year. According to the rules of the municipality, any accused has 30 working days to present his defense from the citation. In addition to this deadline, the accused may request an extension for the same period – the case of Marisa’s executive.

The executive is considered an experienced professional in textile retail: he has worked for C&A in Brazil and Argentina, for the Ammo group (owner of the Artex and M. Martan brands) and for Pernambucanas. At Marisa, he arrived in September 2019.

Son of the founder is also investigated by the municipality

In a statement to the market on December 7th of last year, following a report in the newspaper O Globo, Marisa informed that she had provided information to the CVM on the negotiations with shares issued by the company carried out by the vice-president.

“Providing clarifications and information to CVM on negotiations carried out by administrators in response to letters is part of the routine of a publicly traded company with shares admitted to the
trading in organized markets in Brazil and so far the company has not been communicated about any CVM decision on the practice of insider trading by Mr. Alberto Kohn de Penhas”, says the statement.

The company maintained its position when questioned this Wednesday (8) by the Sheet. The same pattern of response, by the way, was used in another accusation involving the son of the retailer’s founder, Marcio Goldfarb, who commanded the company for several years and today occupies a position on the board of directors.

Goldfarb became a CVM defendant in December last year, after buying shares in the company less than 15 days before the release of the balance sheet for the first quarter of 2022, held on May 11 last year. The practice is prohibited in the capital market.

In a statement released on the 3rd, the retailer claims to have provided information to the municipality about “negotiations with shares issued by the company carried out by Mr. Marcio Goldfarb”.

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