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Pensioners entitled to the one-off benefit reach 1,112,000, the Minister of Labor said Kostis Hatzidakis according to specialization of the measures which the Prime Minister announced yesterday, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

As the Prime Minister has announced since yesterday, the allowance will be graduated from 200 to 300 euros.

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In more detail, Mr. Hatzidakis emphasized that the amount of the aid depends on the partial or no increase in the pension, the amount of the pension and other aids received in the previous period.

Based on the above criteria, pensioners are divided into 5 categories:

  • Pensioners who did not receive the 7.75% increase are divided into the first four
  • On the fifth, those who saw increases of less than 7.75%

In first category are those who saw none of the increases. These are 120,000 pensioners, 5% of the total, with personal difference and pensions of 800-1000 euros. They will get 300 euros.

THE second class they are those pensioners who have a personal difference and the only aid is the 250 euros given at Christmas. We are talking about 370,000 pensioners with pensions of up to 800 euros. And they will get 300 euros

In third category they are those who have a sum of main pensions between 1,000 and 1,100 euros, have a personal difference and saw only a small boost from the abolition of the solidarity levy by an average of 36 euros a year. Here we will have an aid of 300 euros and we are talking about 70,000 pensioners.

A total of 560,000 pensioners with a sum of main pensions up to 1,100 euros will get 300 euros

In fourth class are those who have the sum of their main pensions from 1,100 to 1,600 euros, have a personal difference and benefited from the abolition of a special solidarity contribution with an average of 111 euros per year. It is 300,000 and they will receive 250 euros

In fifth category which applies to pensioners who did not see a full increase of 7.75%. Those who receive the sum of main pensions up to 1,100 euros and saw an increase of up to 3.49% then the extraordinary aid is 250 euros. About 94,000 pensioners

A total of 250 euros will be received by 394,000 pensioners

There are also pensioners who will get 200 euros. There are about 33,000 with a sum of main pensions of 1,100 to 1,600 and have received an increase of up to 3.49% and 125,000 with a sum of pensions of up to 1,100 euros and have seen an increase of 3.5% to 6.99%.

158,000 pensioners will receive an aid of 200 euros

Pensioners with pensions above 1,600 euros are not covered and are about 2% of those with a personal difference, but they have a benefit of about 500 euros from the abolition of the special solidarity contribution.

The allowance will be paid until March 31.

All pensioners now see an increase in their incomes, Mr. Hatzidakis emphasized and added that these are the possibilities of the budget, saying characteristically that “we will not become political kings”.