With the benefit of thousands of freelancers and employers, the 10-year statute of limitations of debts to him e-EFKAwhich removes a significant “burden” of debt from citizens, while, at the same time, “opening” the door to retirement for prospective pensioners who owe EFKA (KEAO).

As stated by e-EFKA in his announcement, it is about the activation of a provision of the law (Article 6 of Law 4997/2022, 43/2022 circular e-EFKA, general document 75110/14-2-2023), which provides that reduced to 10 years (from 20, which used to be valid) the time the institution has at its disposal, in order to confirm and collect claims from insurance contributions that were not paid.

For self-employed insured persons (dues to OAEE, OGA, TSMEDE etc.):

– The control of the limitation period is carried out only at the request of the insured, in order to provide his consent for the waiver of the insurance period corresponding to the time-barred debt.

– Applications are submitted to the local e-EFKA addresses, where they are examined.

– To submit the relevant application, the insured can be served with an electronic appointment, avoiding long waits and overcrowding. Specifically, through the national web portal (gov.gr) or the website of the service www.efka.gov.gr/rv, he enters the platform, after having previously authenticated using the taxisnet credential codes. Then, with simple steps, he selects the branch and the department he wishes to be served and automatically makes the first available appointment he wishes. On the day of the appointment, it is enough to arrive just a few minutes earlier and be served immediately and safely.

For employers’ debts from the employment of employees (IKA-ETAM debts):

– Those interested can contact, by making an online appointment www.efka.gov.gr/rv, the competent local addresses of e-EFKA, until the completion of the implementation of a new internal procedure, which will allow mass and automatic characterization manner of said debts as time-barred.

– As an exception, when it comes to the granting of proof of insurance awareness for the transfer of property, those interested will contact the competent KEAO services.