Exemption for purchases made abroad doubles to US$1,000


The Internal Revenue Service increased from US$ 500 (R$ 2,815) to US$ 1,000 (R$ 5,630) the value limit for goods brought from abroad by air or sea to have tax exemption, as it also raises quotas for other modalities of purchases made outside the country. The decision has been in effect since last Saturday (1st). According to the tax authorities, the baggage exemption rate for travelers arriving in Brazil by plane or by ship had not been modified for over 26 years.

The ordinance that made the measure viable, published on Friday, also raises the value limits for goods purchased in “duty free” stores by passengers entering the country by land, river or lake. This exemption rate went from US$300 (R$1,689) to US$500.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the change was made to readjust exemption values ​​at land borders after a change, in 2020, which increased the limit on free shops for airline passengers from US$ 500 to US$ 1,000. “The changes made seek to readjust the values ​​in force until then, minimizing the inflationary effect that has occurred around the world in recent decades and generating direct and immediate benefits for travelers”, informed the folder.

Goods that exceed these values ​​can be taxed by the Federal Revenue on entry into the country at 50% of the excess to the rule.

For example, if a person brings products that, together, cost US$1,500 (BRL 8,445), they may have to pay tax on the excess US$ 500, which would result in a charge of US$ 250 (BRL 1,407.57 ).

If the traveler has goods that exceed the exemption limit, does not make the e-DBV (electronic declaration of traveler’s goods) and is caught in an inspection when disembarking, he also receives a 50% fine on the excess value of the goods. The purchase of US$1,500 abroad would then have an additional US$500 in tax and fine.

Not all purchases made abroad are included in the calculation of the US$1,000. Items that are for the traveler’s own use, such as clothes and a cell phone, are exempt, as long as they are used and are compatible with the trip undertaken.


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