Opinion – Vinicius Torres Freire: A day of death for the Bolsonaro candidate’s lies


Paulo Guedes’ liberalism has always been a caricature. On Wednesday night, this grotesque fantasy writhed under the ruins of the spending roof, the great work of the liberal coalition that deposed Dilma Rousseff. That same night, Jair Bolsonaro told the Federal Police that Sérgio Moro is a type of negotiator, who exchanges a presidential request for a nomination to the Supreme Court.

In Congress, the removal of the roof was carried out by the center, with the help of ministers, with votes being voted through the promise of parliamentary amendments. The “old politics” tapped and pedaled on the agonizing “fiscal responsibility”.

The center marooned by pocketnarism contributed to the burial of Lava Jato and helps Bolsonaro tear the rags of his liberal fantasy, laundering and liberalism that served as an excuse for various elites to board the boat of hell (ultimately, the reasons were even antipetism , refusal to pay more taxes and habitual accommodation with incivility).

In a way, it was a night of glory for the captain of “fake news” and other mumbo jumbo. The greatest promises of the 2018 campaign shone like naked lies on the stage of the Pocketnarist farce.

A minor supporter, there was also the PSDB, which played the role of spitting on “fiscal responsibility” while Bolsonaro, Guedes and the centrão stabbed this unicorn of Brazilian fantastic liberalism. A quarter of a century ago, the PSDB was a party of elite cadres. In 2014-15, he kick-started Dilma Rousseff — he came with a moralizing conversation in order to stifle what was in fact the rage of losing so much election. Now, it’s a kind of PP from south-central Brazil. Nothing was left in place. To put it mildly, his compadre, the DEM, ex-PFL, one day Arena, goes back to his origins as an aide to the extreme right, the so-called União Brasil.

The most relevant changes for the country to have a functioning market economy were the soft talk of the pocketbook and most of the business corporations that supported it. Without also tax reform and trade opening, there will be no competition and a significant increase in productivity, another name for economic growth. But the pepper of reform is good in the eyes of others, not in the face of crony capitalism. The macroeconomic dolly ends the rest of the income-increasing prospect. Brazilian-style liberalism strikes again.

This sordid vexation is reminiscent of Jânio Quadros and Fernando Collor, other Mulas de Troia in which the right came to power. Yes, they were other Brazils, but these types also surfed the same sanctimonious and authoritarian moralism that helped bring Bolsonaro to power.

The right can say that he preferred a Carlos Lacerda or, come on, a Geraldo Alckmin. In practice, and in the most benevolent hypothesis, it does nothing more than adhere to hacks like the Janista broom, the maharaja hunter or the captain of reaction, when he does not finance them or advertises with relish.

Bolsonaro’s consequences are worse. In addition to normalizing authoritarianism, reactionaryism, swindling and tolerance for crimes of responsibility, it loosened the string of the military party, now also physiological, and the ghost of religion as a matter of State, which were badly and very badly stuck in the little house.

The immense fraud was very evident in this week’s show of laying bare the lies, but it is not a one-off show in a dark night of the soul of this country. In Brazil, it is a very old story that the really existing liberalism, the liberex, practically incarnates in monstrosities. It happened again.​


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