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The multi-bill of the Ministry of Finance was submitted to the Parliament with a series of fiscal and customs regulations.

These include the revival of old settings of 100 and 120 doses for overdue debts to the State and the Insurance Funds, the new regulation of 36-72 installments (which also include debts to Municipalities) and the abolition of the 100 euro fine for late submission of tax returns for natural persons, provided that the resulting tax will not exceed 100 euros.

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At the same time, the multi-law bill includes provisions for the payment of traffic fees by the month, a measure that will apply from April 3, the extension of the reduced VAT rates as well as the extraordinary aid to pensioners who did not receive an increase or received less than 7%. Changes are also foreseen in the salary regime of the Armed Forces executives.

More specifically, the main points of the provisions included in the draft law of the Ministry of Finance “Framework for settlement of debts and other tax and customs regulations, protection of pensions from inflation and other provisions for the support of society and entrepreneurship” are the following:

* The arrangements of 72 and 120 installments are being revived while a new scheme of 36 – 72 installments is being established for taxpayers who were consistent in their obligations before the energy crisis.

* Settlement of debts to municipalities in 36 to 72 other installments and revival of the old arrangement of 100 installments to OTAs for those who missed it.

* Registration fees by month from April 3, 2023. If someone re-registers their car for one month they will pay 1/12 of the registration fees, for two months on 2/12, for 3 months on 3/12 for 4 months on 4/12 and so on.

* The automatic creation of a digital statement of real estate data (E9) is foreseen, modernization of the property transfer framework. Individual changes are introduced to ENFIA.

* The conditions for granting a proof of awareness for the transfer of a property or the establishment of a real right over it due to compelling reason are defined in cases where the taxpayer has joined a debt settlement program or has debts that are not due or suspended.

* The mandatory audit by the Tax Administration is abolished, in the cases of submission of an amending declaration of the uniform property ownership tax when a tax reduction of more than three hundred (300) euros is obtained.

* Extraordinary aid of up to 300 euros to one million pensioners who did not receive an increase (about 850,000 of their monthly pension or received an increase of less than seven percent (7%) (about two hundred and fifty thousand). About 100,000 pensioners are not covered, who, however , had high incomes (more than 1600 euros per month or more than 1100 euros per month, but with an increase of more than 3.5%), and benefited significantly from the abolition of the solidarity levy.

* Abolition of fine for overdue initial declaration with a payment amount of up to 100 euros.

* The validity of the reduced VAT rate is extended again and up to the specified period of time. thirteen percent (13%) and the reduced VAT rate. six percent (6%) for specified goods and services

* Fines from 1,000 to 50,000 euros for violating the mandatory interconnection of EFT/POS terminals with AADE.