Her dynamic recovery of the Greek hotelafter the two-year adventure of 20-21 due to the pandemic, confirms the annual survey for the hotel industry in 2022, which was carried out by ITEP on behalf of X.E.E.

In the research that was presented today at a press conference and captures all the basic figures that make up the economic reality for the Greek hotel, quick recovery is highlighted and the ability of the industry to adapt to the challenges of the moment, being the main pillar of the success of Greek tourism in the 2022 season, always with what the industry bodies emphasized.

The main conclusions that emerge from the ITEP annual survey are the following:

The average occupancy in August 2022 marginally exceeded that of the corresponding month in 2019with 88% and 86.8% respectively.

In August 2022, 25% of double rooms were available at a price of up to 70 Euros, 50% of hotels were priced between 70 Euros and 178 Euros and the remaining 25% were available at a price above 178 Euros.

The average price of a double room in August 22 was 150 euros.

THE total hotel turnover in 2022 was marginally increased compared to 2019.

Continuous operation hotels recorded lower performance than seasonal operation hotels in all key indicators (occupancy, prices, etc.) resulting in a drop in turnover of -21.2% compared to 2019.

A similar picture emerges from the performance comparison between 4* & 5* hotels and hotels from 1* to 3* (turnover vs 2019 : 4* & 5* +13.1%, 1*- 3* -22.3%).

18% of total hotel investments in 2022 were sustainability investments.

About 1/3 of hotel customers come from Online Travel Agents (OTAs).

Of the hotels that have signed contracts with tour operators for 2023, 85% have signed contracts with prices increased by 11.4% on average.

The most significant difficulty hoteliers faced in 2022 was staffing and energy costs.

Competition from short-term rental accommodation and liquidity continue to be major concerns in the industry.

The President of the Hotel Chamber of Greece (H.E.E.), Mr. Alexandros Vassilikos, commenting on the results of the survey, pointed out that “the hotels proved their adaptability and dynamics. They are the backbone of Greek tourism, which in 2022, as everyone recognizes, contributed the most to the Greek economy and to the support of society. Certainly in a changing global market, there are major demands, such as sustainability, digital transformation, protection against unfair competition, thematic enrichment and destination diversification, which require special attention and care in the context of an integrated long-term strategy. breath. It should be a priority for the new government of the country that will emerge from the upcoming elections, in order to shield and strengthen this dynamic of the Greek hotel, which can give even greater values ​​to the country. In a global economic storm, the contribution of the hotel and tourism is more than decisive in order to tie the ship of the Greek economy to a safe harbor”, noted the president of the XEE.