German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said today that he does not think he can give his consent to the proposals Commission for the reform of the Stability and Growth Pact of the European Union, which, as he said, “still need clear adjustments”.

“Her suggestions European Commission they do not yet meet the demands of the German government,” said Mr. Lindner, clarifying that he could not accept proposals “which result in the weakening of the existing fiscal rules.” Clear adjustments are still needed, the minister added and reiterated the German position for “stable fiscal” and “sustainable economic management” in the European Union. The Pact should be strengthened, its rules should be clear and their implementation guaranteed, he noted.

THE Christian Lindner he also stated that until new rules are implemented, the existing ones should be applied and clarified that in any case, the rule of 3% of GDP for the deficit and 60% for the public debt should be maintained in the future, as also the rules concerning the excessive deficit procedure.