Ascended Mars, punished the incorrigible Olympiakos!

Ascended Mars, punished the incorrigible Olympiakos!

Ares is rising, Olympiacos… is limping! The “yellows” found a goal with Palma’s corner kick for the lead, extended it with Dumbo after his tragic mistake Nah and prevailed 2-1 against the “red and whites” to now definitively lock the 5th place and the last European ticket.

They reduced it with a penalty Bakabu (17th goal in Stoiximan Super League) the Piraeus, but that was not enough and they experienced their third consecutive defeat in the league, now in serious danger of losing even the 3rd place.

At 63 degrees o Olympicwhich welcomes the next matchday Bulletwhile o Mars is now 47 and is at +7 from the Magnesia team which is in 6th place and is hosted by PAOK in Toumba on Sunday.

In the coach’s mind

Tolis Terzis brought Aris down with 4-3-3. Cuesta in goal and Empakata, Fabiano, Piersman, Mazikou in the defensive four. Ducouret, Dabo, Darinda in the trio of axis, with Garcia, Palma in the “wings” and Camara at the top of the attack.

Jose Anigo lined up Olympiakos with a 4-2-3-1 formation. Paschalakis in goal, with Androutsos, Papastathopoulos, Ba, Reabtsiuk in defense. Kasami, Embila the two midfielders, with Vrousai, Fortuni, Masoura in the central attacking triplet. Bakabu in the role of center forward.

The match

The game started at an excellent pace. THE Mars before two minutes were even completed he stepped into the area, but after his cross Stick in The Arch he did not have time to get into the path of the ball. In the… caps o It’s pouring found him Bakabu but the Quest took out his head, with him Masura to take the rebound, but in an empty net he did not find the net due to poor balance in his body.

Olympiacos controlled the match, created tension and had good circulation, while in the fourth there was generalized tension between the benches of the two teams after marking Arch to Androutsos out of phase. In the twenty minute, the Piraeus created another great phase with him Bakabu to break into Masura who was coming with fora but placed in the center of the hearth and o Quest blocked.

THE Mars started after the 25th minute to raise his lines on the field, he limited the errors in the axis and also the area of ​​action of Fortounis, as a result of which he “spoilt” his good circulation Olympiakou. With several lateral cuts and duplicating the backs of the “red and whites”, the “yellows” tried to make good finals. In the 35th Stick in he also crossed Nah with… chaff he almost threatened his hearth Paschalaki, essentially moving away in a corner. From which came the goal of Aris, when Palma hung Paschalakis with an INCREDIBLE direct execution, sending the ball into the opposite side net (of the left corner) for 1-0. A score that remained until the end of the half, since after Embila’s mistake, Mateo Garcia was unable to beat Paschalakis from the edge of the area.

Aris-Olympiakos 2-1

A similar start in the second half, with Aris giving space to Olympiakos and looking for the opposition. Thus came Palma’s phase in the 49th minute, which did not find a target from 30 meters and with Paschalakis outside the area, as well as the goal for the “yellows” 2-0 in the 65th minute. After an Iturbe turnover, Ba made a tragic mistake and Dabo in an empty net pushed the ball into the net to give his side a two-goal lead. The “red and whites” partially improved with the entry of Biel, Huang and finally managed to reduce the score. It was in the 67th minute when Androutsos made the cross, the ball found Mazikos’ hand and Makeli, after doing an on-field review, correctly pointed to the penalty spot. From there, three minutes later Bakabu, unbeaten this year (3/3 executions), defeated Cuesta for 2-1.

Aris-Olympiakos 2-1

In the last twenty minutes, the scene was exactly the same! Olympiacos was constantly playing in the half court, trying to press and threaten to reach the equaliser. Aris was tiring, unable to capitalize on his counters and struggling to hold on to his advantage. He almost lost it in stoppage time, specifically in the 6th minute of stoppage time, when Fortounis made an incredible pinch ball between the stoppers, putting El Arabi in the face with the goal, but the Moroccan crossed over Cuesta to stay until the final 2 -1 of the “yellows”.

MVP: Fabiano put in a terrific performance, clearing every cross and filling into the Aris area. And the truth is that the Olympiakos players tried enough, with the Brazilian stopper neutralizing almost all of them!

The whistle: Danny Makeli was an excellent referee and managed a match that had plenty of tension and nerves. The VAR rightly calls him for an on field review in the Androutsou phase, awarding a penalty for Mazikos’ hand. He didn’t miss phases, he let the game play out and gain a rhythm, while he didn’t “chew” on the protests and cockfights, putting an end to it.

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