“The digital platform for the issuance of a certificate for financially weaker borrowers with a 30% increase in income and property criteria for inclusion in the mortgage installment subsidy program of the Greek banking system was launched today,” said the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras.

The press release of the ministry in more detail:

“The Ministry of Finance, following the passing of the relevant legislative provision, implements the Ministerial Decision for the implementation of expanded, by 30%, income and property criteria for the inclusion of the economically weaker debtors in the mortgage installment subsidy program of the Greek banking system.

According to the Ministerial Decision, for the economically weaker debtors, the income criteria are increased up to 27,300 euros, depending on the composition of the household, from 21,000 euros that applied until recently.

In particular, the income criteria are formulated as follows:

– Single-person household: 9,100 euros.

-Household consisting of two members: 13,650 euros.

-Household consisting of three members or single-parent family with one minor member: 18,200 euros.

-A household consisting of four members or a single-parent family with two minors: 22,750 euros.

-Household consisting of five members or more or single-parent family with three minor members or more: 27,300 euros.

The deposit criteria for each type of household are set within the same limits as above.

Correspondingly, the property criteria, i.e. the total taxable value of the household’s real estate, are being expanded by 30%, up to 234,000 euros, depending on the composition of the household, from 180,000 euros that applied until now.

At the same time, the Special Secretariat for Private Debt Management also assists in the implementation of the program, as regards the first step of this, which is the issuance of the relevant certificate of economically weaker debtor through its own digital platform.

The certificate is issued from today by submitting an application at the link: https://www.gov.gr/ipiresies/periousia-kai-phorologia/diakheirise-opheilon/bebaiose-oikonomika-asthenesterou-opheilete

It is recalled that the implementation of the subsidy program, at a rate of 50% of the interest rate increase, burdens exclusively the banking system and not the state budget.

The Ministry of Finance proves in practice that it listens to the real problems of citizens and intervenes in a coordinated and decisive manner, in cooperation with the banking system and the competent supervisory authorities, in order to effectively support households and businesses in dealing with the extraordinary difficulties of the current period” .