One in four jobs is set to change within the next five years, according to a survey of employers released today by the World Economic Forum (WEF)the organization known for its annual forum in Davos, Switzerland.

About 69 million jobs will be created and 83 million lost by 2027, according to the same source, resulting in a net reduction of 2% in current employment, according to the Future of Jobs report. .

The survey is based on data from approximately 800 companies employing more than 11 million workers and uses data on 673 million jobs.

Technology and digitization are driving both the creation and destruction of jobs, according to a research summary.

“Advances in the use of technology and increased digitization will cause significant reshuffles in the labor market,” it says.

Roles that can be automated, such as bank tellers and other clerical workers, will be phased out faster, while demand for artificial intelligence and cybersecurity experts is expected to increase significantly, according to the same source.