The Ministry of Environment and Energy announced the measures to support society to deal with the international energy crisis. The measures concern the months of May and June so that there is no gap in coverage for citizens in the event of two electoral contests.

In particular, the subsidies for electricity in domestic invoices and for all main and non-main residence benefits, without income criteria and regardless of provider, they are structured as follows.

• For monthly consumptions up to 500 kWh, the subsidy will be €15/MWh. This category concerns 90% of households in Greece.

• The same subsidy will be received by those who have monthly consumption over 500 kWhon the condition that they reduce by 15% the average daily energy consumption compared to the corresponding last year.

• In households included in Social Household Tariff (CTO) the subsidy amounts to €50/MWh.

• For farmersthe subsidy amounts to €15/MWh.

THE value of the subsidy of electricity for households and farmers in May and June amounts to 47 million euros.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas, stated:

“We continue, as we have committed, to support society for as long as the unprecedented energy crisis lasts. In June, 23 months of continuous interventions will be completed so that no one, especially the most vulnerable sections of Greek society, are left unprotected.

Today we are announcing two months’ worth of subsidies so that there is no gap in the coverage of citizens in the event of two electoral contests. Prices remain subdued, but the energy war in Europe is far from over.

That is why attention, a political plan and the will to protect consumers and the country against the crisis are needed. We have proven that we have them. As long as the Greek people reassign us the responsibility of governing the country, we will resolutely continue our policy, which ensures affordable clean energy prices for everyone.”