Small reduction at 15.5 cents per kilowatt hour for the electricity tariff for June announced tonight PPCfrom 15.9 cents in May. Taking into account the government subsidies on the June tariffs, which have already been announced and are at the level of 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, the final price for residential consumers is 14 cents per kilowatt-hour.

In particular, the PPC invoice for June it is 15.5 cents per kilowatt-hour for consumption up to 500 kilowatt-hours and 16.7 cents for consumption over 500 kilowatt-hours. For night electricity the charge will be 11.4 cents.

It is recalled that subsidies for electricity in household tariffs and for all main and non-main residence services, without income criteria and regardless of provider, are structured as follows.

For monthly consumptions up to 500 kWh, the subsidy will be 15 euros/MWh. This category concerns 90% of households in Greece.

Those with a monthly consumption of over 500 kWh will receive the same subsidy, provided that they reduce their average daily energy consumption by 15% compared to last year.

The announcement of the tariffs from all of them is expected suppliers.

At the same time, a new drop to 61.24 euros per megawatt hour is noted in the price of electricity for tomorrow, in the pre-day market of the Energy Exchange. The drop in prices on the Stock Exchange reflects on the one hand the high participation of RES (48.1% tomorrow) in covering the load and on the other hand the decline in international natural gas prices to the level of 30 euros per megawatt hour.