A reduction in electricity and natural gas prices in June in our country results from the monthly HEPI survey on retail electricity prices in European countries, conducted by the energy regulatory authorities of Austria and Hungary and the company Vaasa ETT.

Specifically, the average consumer price including taxes last month was 25.71 cents per kilowatt hour, down 3% from May and below the EU average of 25.82 cents. The price trend was downward in June for electricity in most European countries. Looking only at variable tariffs, Athens with 24.23 cents per kilowatt hour ranks 8th with more expensive cities Dublin (47.12 cents), London, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.

Accordingly, for natural gas, the domestic tariff in Athens was 7.17 cents, which is the 4th lowest price in the EU, while the average in the member countries in June was 11.11 cents. The price in our country saw a significant drop (15%) compared to May following the decline in international prices.