“The series of measures, as announced by the prime minister during his program statements, in the Parliament, find the country’s business community waiting for the achievement of the four-year goals.”

This is noted in a statement Central Union of Chambers while it is added that “entrepreneurs and society expect to move towards the future with stable and structured steps”.

It is also stated in the announcement that: KEEE’s interventions for a fair and efficient state towards entrepreneurs, tax incentives and the fair and equal utilization of NSRF and Recovery Fund resources, the programs for the digital and green upgrading of businesses and the facilities to the business community for further investment in Greece are included in these program statements. It is expected, however, that they will be implemented within four years.

“The Prime Minister’s commitment to obtaining the investment grade is expected to unleash the driving forces of the economy, the businesses that expect a stable and balanced environment,” said the president of the Central Union of Chambers, Ioannis Masoutis.

He added that: “it is a golden and historic opportunity for the country, on the one hand the achievement of the goals for fair and sustainable development of businesses, and on the other hand the restructuring of the national economy and the dynamic course towards the future”.