An uproar has erupted in Kenya over the working middle ages experienced by employees in the country, and women in particular. Female workers at a cheese factory were reportedly forced to strip so that officials could check to see if they were on their period.

In particular, three people were arrested, as one of the managers of the Brown’s Food Company factory allegedly gathered the workers to find out who had thrown a used sanitary napkin into the wrong bin, according to the BBC report.

When the workers were asked who was responsible for the incident, none answered so he forced the women to strip to find out who did it himself.

In a video posted on Facebook, Senator Gloria Orwoba said she received a “distress call” about what happened Monday night at the said factory.

Brown’s says it has suspended that manager pending an investigation. In total, three people faced indecent assault charges over the incident, police told local media.

In a statement on its website, Brown’s Food Company said it was “saddened” by the incident and that the matter “does not reflect the company’s processes as a whole.”

“We are further recruiting a women’s health expert to help raise staff awareness, improve communication and strengthen our existing policies and procedures,” the statement said, adding that an independent investigation was being conducted.

Police told local media that officers “conducted a thorough investigation and recorded statements from the victims before arresting the three suspects.”

They also reported that similar incidents had occurred at other companies in the area.

“We have reliably understood that the humiliating and shameful wickedness has been going on for a long time. I want to warn all these employers that justice will soon be served to all their victims,” said local police chief Philip Mwanya.