The Independent Public Revenue Authority develops the organizational structure of regional services of the tax administration with the aim of providing the best service to taxpayers.

Specifically, by decisions of the Governor of AADE, Giorgos Pitsilis, new services are established in Athens and Thessaloniki respectively.

In more detail:

*The two Capital Tax Centers, from 29/01/2024, will take over all the responsibilities of taxes on real estate ownership, inheritances, donations, parental benefits, winnings from gambling and real estate transfers, which are currently held by the Attica and Thessaloniki DOUs.

*The two Tax Procedures and Service Centers take over from 01/04/2024 the responsibilities of income taxation, VAT and special taxes, registry, which are transferred from the DOU of the prefectures of Attica and Thessaloniki.

This restructuring, together with the Certification and Collection Centers of Attica and Thessaloniki, whose opening has also been launched, allow the evolution of the current DOU into service services for those citizens who do not have access to digital media, but also to guide taxpayers in the correct fulfillment of their obligations. Thus, within 2024, the landscape of services for citizens and workers will change, with enhanced and enriched services with experienced and specialized staff, modern infrastructure and safe buildings with a minimal energy footprint.

The Governor of AADE Giorgos Pitsilis stated: “We are implementing our plan for the centralization of operational functions, with the aim of providing optimal service to citizens. We expect that within 2024, citizens will reap the benefits of our organizational changes, in the new services in Athens and Thessaloniki, where almost 50% of TINs operate, but also in our new DOUs”.