The electronic application for a supplementary pension begins – The process in detail


The electronic application for receiving an auxiliary pension due to old age was put into operation on the e-EFKA website, which abolishes the obligation of the insured to visit the e-EFKA branches 2 to 3 times to submit the necessary supporting documents. Thus, when an insured person submits electronically the request for receiving the main pension, he / she can also submit an electronic request for receiving the supplementary pension on the same day. The digitization of the process eliminates the inconvenience for the insured and at the same time significantly accelerates the issuance of supplementary pensions.

The online application concerns thousands of insured persons. Indicatively, during the previous year, the total number of applications for the issuance of supplementary pensions due to old age submitted to the branches exceeded 70,000.

The process

For the access to the electronic service “Application for supplementary pension due to old age” the user enters either through the Single Digital Portal, or through the website of e-EFKA ( and follows the route: Online services => Retirees => electronic submission of Retirement Application (

The majority of the required documents are obtained through interoperability with the Citizens’ Registry and other Public Sector bodies. If required, the relevant service structure will contact the applicant on a case-by-case basis for any deficiencies identified.

The digitization of the services and procedures of the Organization is proceeding at a rapid pace. It is indicative that in 2021 17 electronic services, platforms and software were launched that facilitate the daily life of both employees and employees of the Organization. Every month, more than 1.3 million electronic transactions are made through the 52 electronic services that are accessible from the e-EFKA website and the single web portal of the State

Within the next period, all applications for supplementary pensions will be fully digitized, starting with:

1) Applying for the transfer of a supplementary pension due to death for public sector pensioners
2) Receiving a supplementary pension due to disability for private sector insured.

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