Teams of DIMEA inspectors are already in Thessaly to prevent the phenomenon of profiteering, while supermarkets and electrical and furniture chains have been asked to proceed to discounts, at least 20%to consumers in Thessaly, in food, necessities, furniture and electrical goods.

Specifically, as stated in a statement by the Ministry of Development:

– Teams of inspectors from the Inter-Service Market Control Unit (DIMEA) are already in Thessaly to check compliance with the legislation regarding the maximum selling price for bottled water and the ceiling on the gross profit margin, while checks are also carried out on the selling prices of the products in street markets.

– The Interdepartmental Market Control Unit (DIMEA) sent a letter to the Development Directorates (trade sector) of the four Regional Units of Thessaly to carry out checks on a daily basis in the street markets as well as in all the points of sale of bottled water.

– Food hypermarkets (supermarkets) and electrical goods and furniture chains have been asked to proceed with discounts to consumers in Thessaly. Discounts amount to at least 20% on both food and household essentials as well as furniture and electrical items.

It is noted that the amount of discounts is announced by each company.