Google owner’s profit rises 36% in the fourth quarter

Google owner’s profit rises 36% in the fourth quarter

There’s a lot of uncertainty around Google’s parent company Alphabet these days: the global pandemic, the fear of inflation creeping into the US economy, restless employees defying management, and regulators and politicians seemingly bent on achieving their goals. goals at all costs.

But one thing hasn’t changed. Alphabet continues to make money. Very.

On Tuesday (1st), Alphabet reported a 36% increase in profits, reaching US$ 20.64 billion (R$ 109 billion) in the last quarter of 2021, with revenues of US$ 75.32 billion (R$ $399.2 billion), an increase of 32% over the previous year. The earnings were above analyst estimates of $19 billion in profit and $72.3 billion in revenue, according to data compiled by FactSet.

The strong results are a reminder of the underlying power of Google’s business and how, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the company, it will continue to thrive as long as people are active on the internet.

The Google search page remains the preferred access ramp to the web. YouTube is an essential online destination for entertainment, information and music. While it lags behind Amazon and Microsoft, Google is well positioned to capitalize on the seismic shift as companies outsource their technology infrastructure to the cloud.

With a firm foundation, Google made small adjustments to strengthen its positions.

The company has modified the way it allows retailers to list products in an effort to entice more users to start shopping searches on Google or YouTube. In a recent survey, Morgan Stanley found that the percentage of people who start shopping searches on Google and YouTube has increased since last May, while the percentage of Amazon Prime users who start searches on Amazon has declined.

YouTube released short videos, under 60 seconds, to rival TikTok and appeal to younger audiences. Google Cloud continues to hire more sales teams as part of the effort to expand into new industries and establish partnerships.

Translated by Luiz Roberto M. Gonçalves

Source: Folha

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