His reflection on aspects of it Greek economic model the Columbia University professor expressed on Tuesday from the floor of the Economist conference, Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics.

“As soon as you visit Athens, you feel the energy of the dynamic recovery. Nevertheless, the projections of the Greek economy are not great”, he pointed out. In this context, he expressed his concern about the growth rates in the long term, as well as the long-term maintenance of the primary surpluses required to repay the debt.

Mr. Stiglitz emphasized the need structural transformation of the Greek economy, which “relies disproportionately on tourism” – described it as a vulnerable sector due to the climate crisis and threats to international security.

The Nobel laureate economist expressed his assessment that the country should to diversify energetically, putting more emphasis on climate and energy, and depleting margins in RES.

Also referring to the way the international financial system operates, he noted that after the 2008 crisis there have been changes, but not enough.