Panel SA: Xico Graziano leaves position in Ilhabela and says it was for ethical reasons


The former minister of Fernando Henrique Cardoso and former secretary of the Environment of São Paulo Xico Graziano this week resigned as secretary of the Environment of Ilhabela, on the coast of São Paulo.

He landed shooting. “I left because I’m honest,” he told Panel SA. On social media, he posted a message saying that he left office to preserve his life story and that he “felt a lack of greater superior support in the fight against ecological predators”.

“Ethical, not political, reasons put me out of City Hall,” he wrote.

Graziano is one of the rare representatives of agribusiness who joined Sergio Moro’s presidential campaign and is now part of the group of collaborators in the government program for the former judge’s candidacy, but he denies that his departure from the secretariat has anything to do with the elections. One of the founders of the PSDB, Graziano came to support Bolsonaro in 2018, but later broke up.

“I got caught in the political game of the powerful. But with pleasure, and quietly, I faced them. Until trust broke. Let it be clear: my departure owes little to the presidential campaign of Sergio Moro, whom I admire and support”, he wrote.

To Panel SA, the mayor of Ilhabela, Toninho Colucci, said that the campaign requires dedication of time.

“Xico is a very special person. He has an immense background and background and he helped us a lot in these 13 months he spent here. But when you work in a city hall, you live with realities. It’s different from the university and being secretary of state and minister. It has a direct relationship with the population and the needs of society”, stated Colucci.

According to him, in city hall, it is necessary to deal with “everyday realities”, such as the need to cut a tree to have a decent sidewalk for pedestrians to walk on.

with Andressa Motter and Ana Paula Branco

Source: Folha

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