Commissioner Breton travels to China to discuss Europe’s risk minimization agenda, as well as important digital and industrial issues

On Friday 10 November, Commissioner Breton will be in Beijing, where he will meet with the Vice President of China Mr Zhang Guoqing, the Minister of Commerce Mr Wang Wentao and the Minister of Industry and Technology Mr Jin Zhuanglong, with whom he will discuss the European agenda for risk minimization as well as issues of digital and industrial interest.

The aim of the visit is to confirm the EU’s intention to protect its strategic interests and promote its values-based vision for the development of important technologies. Commissioner Breton will support fair treatment for EU companies operating in China, in terms of their access to the market, standardization bodies and public procurement.

As China’s overcapacity grows, the Commissioner will also call on China to act responsibly in global supply chains, especially those related to the green and digital transition.

Commissioner Breton will also meet with Mr Jiang Fan, CEO of Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group, with whom he will discuss the regulatory framework for e-commerce and platforms. During the visit, Commissioner Breton will deliver a keynote address on EU-China relations at the European Chamber of Commerce in China and meet with representatives of EU companies operating in China.

The visit will also be an opportunity to follow up on the issues raised in the recent EU-China dialogue, in particular the EU-China high-level digital dialogue, and to prepare for the upcoming EU-China summit.

Commissioner Breton will then travel to Singapore on Saturday 11 November.

Lena Flitzani