The HFSF announced the sale of 211,138,299 shares of Alpha Services and Holdings SA. to UniCredit SpA for a total price of 293,482,235.61 euros.

In particular, the following are mentioned in the announcement of the HFSF:

The Financial Stability Fund (the “TFS”) announces that it has agreed to the sale of its entire stake in Alpha Services and Participations S.A. (the “Alpha”), namely two hundred eleven million one hundred thirty eight thousand two hundred ninety nine (211,138,299) common registered shares (the “Shares” and each of them a “Share”), which correspond to a percentage of 8.9781% of of the paid-up share capital and voting rights of Alpha, to UniCredit SpA (the “UniCredit”), in accordance with the terms of the share purchase agreement entered into between the HFSF and UniCredit on November 12, 2023 (the “Transaction”).

The Transaction took place following the completion of the tender process initiated by the HFSF on 30 October 2023, following UniCredit’s binding offer to acquire the Shares (the “Offer”), received by the HFSF on 23 October 2023.

UniCredit purchased all of the Shares for an amount of 1.39 euros per Share, which corresponds to an increased price (premium) of 9.4% compared to the undisturbed closing price of the Share on the Athens Stock Exchange on October 20, 2023, which was the last business day prior to receiving the Offer, and at a discount of 0.4% to the closing price of the Share on the Athens Stock Exchange on November 10, 2023.