The new small hydroelectric plant of PPC Renewables Makrochori II in Imathia is in operation

With a capacity of 4.84 MW, the project utilizes irrigation Aliakmonas River Canal, for energy production

At 88 MW, the installed capacity of PPC Renewables’ 20 small hydroelectric plants

Another small hydroelectric project of PPC Renewables started the production of clean energy with the power of water, bringing the number of PPC subsidiary’s small hydroelectric plants to 20 and their total installed capacity to 88 MW. The Makrohori II Small Hydroelectric Project (MHP) is located in the Imathia Regional Unit (Alexandria municipality) and has an installed capacity of 4.84 MW.

The new project of PPC Renewables is a typical example of optimal utilization of the country’s water resources. It utilizes the water of the Aliakmonas river canal which irrigates areas of Imathia, Pella and Thessaloniki (about 900,000 acres) and supplies water to the urban complex of Thessaloniki.

The new small hydro project includes Kaplan S-type hydro turbines, with a total nominal supply of 75 cubic meters of water per second, which with the help of 6.3 kV generators, as well as the rest of the main and auxiliary electromechanical equipment, convert the kinetic energy of the water into electricity.

Most, together with the existing small hydroelectric Makrohori I of corresponding capacity, which similarly utilizes the supplies of the irrigation canal for electricity generation, the two small hydroelectric projects of PPC Renewables will produce more than 50 GWh of green and clean energy each year, which corresponds to the needs of approximately 10,000 households. At the same time, their operation avoids the emission of 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

PPC Renewables, with 39 wind farms, 20 small hydroelectric plants, 32 photovoltaic plants and 1 hybrid power plant, with a total installed capacity of more than 670 MW, and its ambitious investment plan, has positioned itself dynamically in the Greek renewable energy space and creates the foundations to lead the energy transformation in the country.