The low pensioners are to be given the lion’s share of the Social Solidarity Allowance who announced the Ministry of National Economy and Finance.

As pointed out by the Ministry’s Spokesperson, Mr. Homer Tsapalos speaking earlier today on SKAI 100.3 radio “the majority of pensioners will see extra money in December”. In particular, he said that “more than 1 million pensioners who do not have a personal difference or are under 10 euros and receive a sum of main pensions under 700 euros net before taxation will receive before Christmas a boost of 150 euros”. Then, according to Mr. Tsapalos, “from January 2024, these retirees will once again see a permanent increase in their earnings of approximately 3%. So, someone who has no personal difference and is paid, for example, 600 euros will see a total increase in his pension that will exceed 5.1% if we include the 150 euros he will receive in December and the 3% increase from January.”

At the same time, the pensioners with a personal difference will receive a special personal difference allowance before the end of the year. This is the second time in 2023 that the specific allowance is given to approximately 700,000 pensioners who will not see permanent increases from next year. However, Mr. Tsapalos emphasized that the intention of the Ministry and the government is to continue supporting the income of these pensioners when and as long as the fiscal margins allow. As he noted the aim is “for the economy to continue to do well and for us to have a revenue outperformance in 2024 so that we can again support them with an extraordinary personal difference allowance. The Prime Minister himself has committed to this, Kyriakos Mitsotakis».

In total, within the framework of the Social Solidarity Allowance, 350 million euros will be given to 2.3 million beneficiaries before Christmas. As Mr. Tsapalos noted, based on last year’s experience, these amounts will probably be paid the week before Christmas. “We will do our best as well as the corresponding services in OPECA and EFKA in order for this money to be given as soon as possible” he underlined.

In addition to the pensioners mentioned above, the allowance will also be received by:

• 800,000 beneficiaries of child benefit who will receive an additional 1.5 installment
• 210,000 beneficiaries receiving the minimum guaranteed income who will receive an extra half payment as well as a permanent 8% increase from December onwards in their benefit
• 225,000 beneficiaries receiving OPECA and EFKA disability benefits with a total budget of 45 million euros.